Melissa Schollaert Photography, serving brides and families throughout Atlanta and the Southeast, needed a modern logo to match the elegant aesthetic Melissa captures in her wedding, lifestyle, and portrait images.

The stylized monogram features Melissa's initials in a modern, serif font that exudes sophistication. By bringing in elements of contrast and negative space, we aimed to mirror the light and shadow that Melissa expertly composes in her photographs.

This timeless black and white logo allows the impressive images in Melissa's portfolio to take center stage while still giving her esteemed brand an iconic mark. Its versatility will allow it to stand out across website banners, watermarks, business cards, and everything in between.

As Melissa Schollaert continues documenting meaningful memories for clients across Atlanta and beyond, this updated logo better captures the warmth, creativity and technical artistry that set her apart as a premier wedding, portrait, and lifestyle photographer in the South.

Modern art...

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